The "Deerbrook Bridge Runners Snowmobile Club" was started Unofficialy around 1973  by the local sled riders of the Deerbrook, WI area. Their mission was to build a bridge across the Eau Claire river in the woods between County Highway E and County Highway B. This would provide a much safer passage than running the road and crossing on County Highway C. With a group of hard workers like Larry Boyle, Jack McDougal, Ed Honzik, Floyd Boyle, Ralph Borneman, Omer Wirtz, Mannus McDougal, Bud Budzenski and others; a home made wooden bridge was constructed. In 1975 realizing that this bridge would need maintainance, this group and their families incorporated the club and started annual fund raising efforts to keep the bridge in good operating condition.
Eventually the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources forced removal and mandated an "approved" bridge.